Paris Hilton Is Still A Pothead

  • Paris "I don't do drugs" Hilton was spotted exiting a limo in a cloud of marijuana smoke. Paris, honey: seriously, stop! Quitting weed makes you so much sharper and more inclined to like Park Slope! [Page Six]
  • Dita Von Teese just wants to cuddle. And get spanked, a little. [Page Six]
  • Jane Pratt destroys the last little tidbits of anyone's solidarity with her by doling out nyah-nyah quotes like "Creating Jane was fantastic, and I had a magical team of people with me. We even had fun at 3 a.m. eating takeout and writing cover lines! You can see what happens when I leave." [Gatecrasher, 2nd item]
  • Sienna Miller is "not" "dating" "Diddy," despite evidence to the contrary. [R&M, last item]