The Wall Street Journal takes a hard look at a new dilemma in the workplace: What happens when your boss wants to be your Facebook friend? Cubicle Culture columnist Jared Sandberg relates the sorry story of one Paul Dyer, who found himself in that situation. He accepted the request, but not before removing incriminating photos from his page.

Mr. Dyer, it turns out, wasn't the one who had to be embarrassed. His boss had photos of himself attempting to imbibe two drinks at once, ostensibly, Mr. Dyer ventures, to send the message: "I'm a crazy, young party guy." The boss also wore a denim suit ("I'd never seen anything like it," Mr. Dyer says) and posed in a photo flashing a hip-hop backhand peace sign.

It was painful to watch. "I hurt for him," says Mr. Dyer.

Oy, what a whiner. For the record, we do not know Mr. Dyer's boss, but our own employer's Facebook page has a full-length picture of him in a Sergio Tacchini jumpsuit holding a four-foot bong in the hand that he is not using to grab his crotch. So we feel your pain, dude.

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