You know you're part of this elite few if you....
1. Will hit the Street the moment orientation is over.
2. Will stay on said street for a large majority of your Princeton career.
3. Can maintain your academic, athletic performance while running on minimal hours of sleep.
4. Follow the most important rule of them all....#73: No excuses, Party like a Champion(after all, we are #1!)
5. Simply plan on making your years as Tiger the most memorable and outrageous as possible!

OMG, yay! Bicker is going to be so best. Except there's just one problem. A former member of the group was, it seems, a little embarrassed about the exploits he posted to the group's wall. Maybe that's because his dad is the Mayor of Los Angeles!

Antonio Villaraigosa Jr. (whose dad, of course, is embroiled in a scandal of his own these days!) recently wrote:


I'm writing to inform you all that some of us in Southern California are so excited to party at Princeton that we already had a party. We had Bacardi, Bailey's Irish Cream and several Coronas while bonfiring on the beach. It was great until it got broken up by the po' and we almost got cited but the guy was pretty chill. We went and got good food afterward. Oh yah and we found out one of us makes good fakes too ; - )

That sounds... fun? Anyway, Antonio Jr. probably got a stern talking-to after his post showed up on IvyGate, because it's since disappeared. Fortunately, we have a screenshot. He also posted that if he were a drink, he'd be a mojito, "which sounds a lot like mijito, which is the Spanish word for 'my dear little son,' which indeed am [sic]." Er, probably not anymore, Jr.

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