Game the system

We've dissected Time's list of the five worst websites. Now it's your turn to tweak their poll for the best ones to your satisfaction. ( is still using the same weakly protected polling system as the heavily gamed People Who Matter Now poll from Business 2.0.) The kids from Y Combinator, entrepreneur Paul Graham's startup camp, have already admitted to artificially beefing up the votes for Weebly, a Y Combinator-backed startup — but why let them have all the fun? Here are Valleywag's picks on whose ballots to stuff.

  • Weebly: It has a head start, so let's see if we can push them back down!
  • ING Direct: A boring bank, but its fees are low, so vote it up.
  • StumbleUpon: Take pity on the StumbleUpon guys: They just got bought by eBay, so they could use some cheering up.
  • Bix: How meta — voting for Yahoo's online version of the American Idol vote-a-thon. We're betting this one doesn't come back next week.