Reuters article today: "Muscular young men are likely to have more sex partners than their less-chiseled peers, according to UCLA researchers. But when it comes to settling down and finding a long-term partner, women tend to pick regular guys over those with huge biceps." Um, get out?!?! Did you also read about that other study where good looking people were found to be more attractive than ugly people? Sheesh. Still, just for giggles, we asked our ladies and gays about their experience with macho macho men. However, it turned out that no one we know had ever dated a muscular dude except our most whorey friends!

Lady A: "I've only been with muscly guys for boning purposes. Except on the occasions my ex-boyfreind would start lifting weights. It was hot. Long term I um will choose whoever um I like the most? My brother has lot of muscles and he gets laid a lot though. Once I moved into a sublet specifically because the roommate was hot and muscly. But when we would make out he always wanted to hear how hot and muscly I thought he was." Ugh. Lame.

Lady B: "I've been with a couple. My last boyfriend was a gym rat. He loved the gym more than he loved me. Which might explain why he was so badly domesticated that he didn't wash his sheets for 3 YEARS. A fact I only discovered when I went over to his apartment after we'd been dating for 3 months. (My place was nicer). He was probably definitely just for boning. Or just for BORING. I was single and lonely.
One guy was one of those guys who was muscly without trying: Sinewy, tan... perfect. I imagined we'd have beautiful children but, you know, I was too young to want them then." Wow, anecdotes prove that study was so accurate. Who would have thunk it.