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PodTech, the video podcast network apparently dedicated to screwing over as many people as possible without actually profiting from it, has dropped so many fresh cowpies that I need to pack OH MY GOD SIX STINKING STORIES into one post, just so I don't overload and nauseate the people who aren't gleefully watching this bullshit company get properly prison-raped.

  • Congrats to kind-of-failed, kind-of-hit-on-our-friends-despite-being-married-and-gross entrepreneur Steve Gillmor on making a PodTech show that's a combination of someone halfway through Michael Moore Filmmaking School, someone 1/3-way through Alcoholics Anonymous, and someone 1/4-way through kindergarten! (And congrats to Kevin Marks for his polite British smackdown of such!)
  • Congrats to hard-working videoblogger Steve Garfield for finally getting (or so we hear) the statuette he won at PodTech's 2006 Vloggie Awards, six months after other winners got theirs. We know how much reminding they needed before they'd try to patch up the issue while lying to the public about it.
  • Congrats to the entertaining Geek Entertainment TV for getting sponsorship from Go Daddy, after PodTech reneged on their promise to buy this interview show. (The show is now happily independent as before.)
  • Congrats to entertaining videoblogger Casey McKinnon of Galacticast for getting PodTech to deliver on some of their promises, and for being funny about the promises they break.
  • Congrats to PodTech employee Robert Scoble for hinting elsewhere that we should write about something he did! But he is boring and we're starting to feel bad, as if we were mocking Corky on Life Goes On, but if Corky was kind of an asshole! So no! Instead we should concentrate on PodTech founder John Furrier.
  • Congratulations to photographer Lan Bui for finally getting compensated for the photo PodTech illegally blew up and used in a kiosk display without his permissi—oh, after several months, PodTech still hasn't paid Lan. Oops! Guess we'll save that for another edition of the PodTech fuckup roundup!

Bonus stat for those wondering why PodTech can't afford to buy decent shows, or to pay Lan Bui's little $3000 (industry-standard in the case of use without permission) charge: PodTech got a $5.5 million investment in March 2006, but we hear they had trouble raising the $30 million they want. So will the company repay its victims before it tanks? TUNE IN NEXT TIME!