Resistance is futile. We wish to improve nonprofits. We will add your charitable and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your website will adapt to service ours.

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It calls itself the Craigslist Foundation, but I say it's Craigslist Dot Borg. Darian Rodriguez Heyman, executive director of the philanthropic arm of Craigslist, has big plans to encompass the entire nonprofit world. Some joke that the classifieds site run by Craig Newmark is itself almost not-for-profit. But if you work at a newspaper, you know exactly what's going to happen to the nonprofit world. Here's Rodriguez Heyman's plan, quietly unveiled at a grantmaking seminar last night.The Craigslist Foundation website, today a prosaic work of brochureware, is about to get a sweeping redesign to turn it into a Craigslist-like index to all things nonprofit. If you want to learn how to set up a nonprofit, identify a worthy nonprofit to fund, or find a job at a nonprofit, you'll go to — much as you go to Craigslist today to find a for-profit job, a date, or a used couch. If the foundation's website really apes the clean, simple look and feel of Craigslist, then Rodriguez Heyman is sure to succeed. But that's bad news for the vast coterie of hangers-on that nonprofits attract — the consultants who help them raise money, the newsletter publishers who advertise nonprofit jobs, the matchmakers who help the wealthy unload their cash. Their jobs are going the way of newspaper classifieds-ads typesetters. Just as Craigslist has sucked out the profit from all kinds of businesses, its foundation is going to suck out the profit made off of nonprofits. "What Craigslist has done for the community at large, Craigslist Foundation hopes to do for the nonprofit world," says Rodriguez Heyman. That could be taken all kinds of ways. If you believe that Craigslist has been an unabashed good, then bully for the Craigslist Foundation. But if you think that the rise of Craigslist has been a mixed blessing, then the Craigslist Foundation could look like a bully. One thing's for sure: We can't wait to read best-of-craigslist-foundation.