Jancee Dunn's memoir But Enough About Me is new in paperback, and we highly suggest you grab a couple if you're remotely interested in how your celeb-profile sausage gets made. Jancee worked at Rolling Stone for years and interviewed every single person you've ever wished to meet. (Or wished not to!) In our favorite part of the book, she sits down with everyone's favorite Nightbird, Stevie Nicks, to look through her "velvet-covered, poetry-filled diaries from 1979's Tusk tour." If that last sentence didn't make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, well... you're probably heterosexual. Now you know!

Barefoot and in a demure floral sundress, [Stevie] padded up the stairs to show me her clothing-stuffed dressing room, which was lined with suede platform boots in every color imaginable, like a groovy box of crayons. And, joy of joys, she let me try on one of her shawls! "And these beads belonged to Janis Joplin," she said, putting them on me. Heaven!

After we covered the coke and the romances, she brought out her velvet-covered, poetry-filled diearies from 1979's Tusk tour, when she had first started an affair with drummer Mick Fleetwood, and we read them together, sometimes aloud.

After a few happy hours, Nicks and her rambunctious assistants broke out the binoculars to spy on the neighbors. "You can stay over, you know," she said to me. "There's a fabulous guest bedroom." She showed me the impossibly high guest bed, which had a dramatic red drapery hanging from the ceiling. They all planned to make a little dinner, play some music, watch Golden Girls reruns—really, up my street in every way. I was tempted, but I thought I should maintain a professional boundary. How stupid was I?