Last night I was on Red Eye and I was being really crazy the whole time. My metabolism still hasn't adjusted to doing yoga every day instead of smoking weed every day, so if I don't eat every four hours I become sort of unhinged? Long story short, the producers got mad. There was this, and then at another point they were trying to end a segment and I was just shouting "HELLO?! FEMINISM!" Anyway, speaking of feminism! This clip is from a segment about how John McCain is blaming the failure of his candidacy on his aides' insistence that he wear "gay sweaters." I called the famous former POW a "pussy," but they bleeped that word out with a meowing noise. I guess that's kind of funny, but when you consider that the other guest during my segment, comedian Donnell Rawlings, had literally no jokes besides "I am a black man and that means I have a big dick," it's also kind of enraging. HELLO?! FEMINISM!