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A promo clip released yesterday of BBC documentary A Year with the Queen showed Annie Leibovitz requesting that Queen Elizabeth II remove her crown for a picture. The Queen's response was to incapacitate her with a royal shoe pressed against her neck, threatening, "Ask that of me again and I shall crush your trachea like a bug," before storming out of the session in a huff. Not all was what it seemed, however, and producers have issued apologies to both parties for having creatively rearranged their footage for maximum diva-rampage potential. From BBC News:

The BBC has apologised to the Queen for wrongly implying she walked out of a portrait session with photographer Annie Leibovitz during a documentary.

The BBC said in a statement: "This was not the case and the actual sequence of events was misrepresented." [...]

The BBC said the clips for the trailer were "not intended to provide a full picture of what actually happened or of what will be shown in the final programme".

It seems even the Queen of England is susceptible to the nefarious methods of reality TV editors, who not only manipulated chronology for their sensationalist needs, but also had no problem with following that sequence with a long, static shot of high-pitched screams emanating from behind a medieval door, further misleading audiences into believing that the House of Windsor's supposedly abandoned, rack-based punitive methods are still very much in use for certain, extreme instances of royal-portraitist treason.