As noted earlier, New Victorians are today's Utopian anthroposophists of yesteryear. Among other things they value monogamy, dinner parties, pets, careers, garden parties and yoga. They dislike cocaine and spontaneity. If we had to guess, we'd say this trend is confined to the wealthy. And if we had to conjecture further, we might posit that staying home a lot is nicer when you don't like in a 300-square-foot walk up on the Lower East Side. That's why this house at 134 Charles Street, new to the market, is the perfect abode for New Vics. It's got a garden for your tea parties, a lap pool for your morning calisthenics—and a library where one can host operetta recitals. And guess what? It's only $17.9 million, which in Victorian pounds sterling is only like 8.4 million guineas!