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National Banana got a million dollars. This got a million dollars. THIS GOT A MILLION DOLLARS.

US Venture Partners dropped over a million dollars of capital into the hands of Jerry Zucker and his "comedy" site National Banana.

On the site, the creator of Airplane! and Naked Gun tries desperately to recapture the zaniness (zanity?) of his youth with online shows like "Sands of Passion," a nine-episode satire on Islam that rides on old gags about Muslims: the man turned on by a burka-clad woman's ankle, the Islamic surgeons stopping an operation to pray to Mecca, and a suicide bombing in just about every episode. The few good jokes get buried by bad acting. "Sands of Passion" Zucker's other videos feel like rejected Mad TV skits.

In the several months since it launched, National Banana has earned no buzz, as opposed to competitors Funny or Die and Acceptable TV. Granted, those sites have the support of currently popular stars like Will Ferrell and Jack Black; they're also, well, funny.

Video on National Banana is powered by PodTech, a video podcast network that apparently earned its venture capital when the founder kept sticking his microphone in the face of potential investors.

Geez, if getting a million dollars for some half-assed sketches is this easy, I'm gonna take a drive down Sand Hill Road and find myself a VC.