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One of the exciting side-projects bouncing around in the head of underemployed Lost casualty and happy-hour road menace Michelle Rodriguez has finally gotten off the ground: The actress is currently covering the globe in search of rich and eclectic foreign cultures she can rip off take inspiration from while designing Ishkadada, her vaguely pan-ethnic line of clothing:

Rodriguez plans to travel to a dozen countries, including China and Brazil, to "study people, social classes, history, culture" before finishing her designs, the actress said on the Sony channel's "It's midday in China" program aired across Latin America this week.

"The company that I want to start should be ethnic," Rodriguez, who grew up in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, said in Spanish. "I think there is a (growing) awareness and people are opening their eyes about the world and the environment." [...]

Meanwhile, Rodriguez plans to continue her acting career and is in talks with producers about appearing in a possible movie.

Ishkadada—a combination of the Sanskrit word for desire and the artistic movement, her website explains—could mark the start of a second career act for the troubled actress with the Big Lesbian Following. Before long, shoppers will be clamoring to get their hands on one of the looks inspired by Rodriguez's many travels, torn over which of the wife-beaters bearing the bedazzled Ishkedada mantra words of "ETHNIC," "WORLD," and "ENVIRONMENT" best suits their socially conscious personality.