Prince Harry Is "Big Ginger"

  • Lady Di's probably-son-with-what's-his-face Harry's girlfriend's nickname for him is "Big Ginger." Good to know when royalty is well-hung! [Page Six]
  • Speaking of princes, Lindsay Lohan says she carries The Prince with her everywhere and uses it as a self-help guide. She totes rules with fear, not love. [The Sun]
  • Showgirl Gina Gershon maintains that she and bald Revlon creep Ron Perelman are just friends—the kind of friends who hang out on the richer friend's yacht a bunch! [R&M]
  • "I love big boobs on a woman, so I wanted [my character] Edna [Turnblad] to have them. My boobs and butt got a lot of attention on the set. The whole crew kept coming over and groping me. The scary thing is, I liked it." We can't tell whether John Travolta is overcompensating for any gayness or undercompensating or both. [R&M, third item]