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So popular was Rosie O'Donnell's guest starring stint on Nip/Tuck—which included an infamous sex scene on a zebra-skin rug that inspired a great many viewers to blind themselves on the nearest coffee-table corner and/or coat hook—that the prospect of a fifth season of the FX drama without O'Donnell's character seemed unthinkable. Rest easy, Dawn Budge fans—more naked Rosie awaits:

"Nip/Tuck" creator/executive producer Ryan Murphy said that O'Donnell will be returning for "several episodes" of the show's upcoming fifth season, starting with Episode 4.

As for talk about a potential spinoff featuring her character, Dawn Budge, Murphy said, "The character was so instantly popular. We've spoken about (a spinoff); it's an ongoing discussion."

Having already tasted the forbidden fruits of resident slutty surgeon Dr. Christian Troy, we imagine the writers have begun to brainstorm a whole new selection of partners, sexual positions, and animal hides on which to perfect them. Whether or not her horny escapades could sustain a spinoff series remains to be seen—but having just watched her Price is Right dreams evaporate, we can think of no better consolation prize than to portray a woman addicted to lipo and gigolos in The Days and Nights of Dawn Budge.