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A tipster alerts us to some potentially exciting news on this Friday morning: Taking advantage of a day off for the Paramount and DreamWorks personnel who might prevent such a breach from occurring, someone has leaked details of the plot for Transformers 2, the planned 2009 follow-up that will finally free the blockbuster franchise from its nonsequel ghetto, to IMDb. We highly recommend that anyone hoping to be surprised two summers hence not read the spoilers contained above, which will likely be removed from IMdb site by the time you read these words.

UPDATE: Sources exclusively reveal that this is not the actual storyline for Transformers 2, just a pitch by Santa Monica Blvd-based Next and xxx: State of the Union director Lee Tamahori, who has offered himself to the always cost-conscious Paramount as a cheaper alternative to Michael Bay, and one who's unafraid to take the sequel in a more exciting, personal direction.