We asked who still officially gets to leave work early on Fridays in this town—and you answered, making us wonder why we bother sticking around on Friday afternoons at all. Umm, we're sure we will any more! What is it, 1955 out there? Anyway, we were somewhat surprised by the breadth of New York companies offering summer Fridays these days. (Seriously, Pfizer? Is that why Viagra's so expensive?) Anyway! The list, so far, after the jump; your additions are of course most welcome.

  • "St. Martin's Press... We get every other Friday off. It's amazing. You guys should try it."
  • "Some non-editorial/production departments at TONY get out early on Fridays, but most of editorial/production sticks around all day. Either way it's quiet here most Fridays."
  • "I work in theatre, and almost all theatre companies do it. My friend who works in classical music management has flexible Fridays. I don't know if this is arts-centric—maybe they pay us so little that we're gonna take whatever we can get?"
  • "I'm so over my job at HBO, but they do still give us summer fridays (out at 3pm) from Memorial Day to Labor Day."
  • "I don't work for Shore Fire Media anymore, but I know for a fact they still have summer Fridays!"
  • "For what it's worth, my employer—DC Comics—still celebrates summer fridays (which I'm celebrating today). yes, techincally we ARE a publishing company (owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment/Time Warner), and yes, some of us do read your website daily. we ain't all zit-covered basement dwellers with world of warcraft accounts!"
  • "Houghton Mifflin in Boston. Ditto for Bedford Books."
  • "Carolina Herrera has summer Fridays!"
  • "Elsevier still has summer Fridays, for what it's worth."
  • "Summer Fridays are alive at Pfizer NY HQ."
  • "spin has summer fridays!"

Then, of course, there are the companies that don't:

  • "The PR agency I was just at had "summer days" —BUT in order to get them, you had to work huge hours of overtime to earn it. Example: 1 day = 9 hours. So you had to work 9 hours of overtime to earn it. Sounds easy, right? Especially in PR? Not when you only had a couple of months to earn them - I think Memorial Day to Labor Day. So if you wanted all seven summer days? 63 hours of overtime, when all you want to do is rush out the door after nine hours of bullshitting all day. Sister, we know the feeling."
  • "I work at a mid-sized Word of Mouth marketing firm (check the signature), and I'm still in the office right now, 6:30 on Friday. HOWEVER, we do have something called Beer Fridays, where the fridge is stocked and we start drinking around 3 (or noon, whatever-ish). That is, the only reason I'm still here is because I'm too drunk to walk out of the office gracefully. Send help. Fuck."