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The fallout continues from last week's royal debacle, in which the BBC was forced to publicly apologize to The Scariest Lady on the Planet, aka Queen Elizabeth II, for having rearranged footage to make it seem as though she had stormed out of a photo session with Annie Leibovitz. A Year with the Queen producers RDF Media e-mailed the director-general of the BBC, accepting full responsibility for what they refer to as "a serious error of judgment." Somehow, not even the divvying of blame among sub-production entities has done much to lessen the Queen's wrath, as The WOW Report's Fenton Bailey reprints an e-mail he received from a BBC contact:

Dear Fenton

As a result of the BBC/RDF Queen misrepresentation, myself and a number of other Execs are having to contact all our suppliers over the past 3 years to review our output. To sum up, this is to see if they may have in any way misled the viewer with anything that has been broadcast by the BBC.

If you feel there is anything you wish to discuss, please feel free to call me. It will not in any way be held against you, but we've been asked to make these calls to everyone, just to be on the safe side.

Sorry for having to send this out, and please do not take it any way personally.

Let that be a lesson to anyone else who might be harboring similar plans to use an Avid bay to paint a caricature of an ill-tempered and humorless Queen of England: Not only will you have to repeatedly and publicly apologize for the trickery, but the gesture will so incense Her Majesty, she'll order a massive audit of every hour of TV broadcast by your network for the past three years, in order to assure that similar factual discrepancies might not have also deceived a gullible public.