Yesterday, we wondered why we bother sticking around on Friday afternoons, given that it seems that half our audience is already comfortably on the Jitney right around the time we start posting things that inspire comments like "slow news day guys?" Anyway! That post inspired an avalanche of emails of yet more companies that bid farewell to their employees before the week is officially over. Of course, some companies require intricate make-up hours that frankly leave our heads spinning. Either give the time off or don't! If there are yet more companies that give summer Fridays, please let us know, but also understand that the list is preparing us to sneak out around, say, 10 a.m. at the end of this week. See you at the beach! Slags.

  • "Hachette. We used to get 7, we now get 4."
  • "BBDO NY gets summer fridays!!! Out at 1pm baby!"
  • "when i interned at mediabistro they LOVED summer fridays. the second it got warm, everyone was out the door by 2:30pm. not sure if that still sticks but i can assure you that, as an intern, collecting everyone's garbage as they're hopping out the door at 2:30 sucked balls (you have to take out all of the garbage there, and there are exactly 7 trash cans between both work levels and classrooms). my work entailed a regimented amount of shit, so if i wasn't done preparing for weekend classes (and taking out staffers' half-eaten pad thai) by the time everyone else got to leave on a summer friday, i had to stick around till it was done. it was fantastic. currently, the marketing firm i work for has them. memorial day to labor day, 3:30pm. however this changes yearly depending on how much money has come in for the first 2 quarters. last year they started post-memorial day and weren't until 4:30pm. my boss takes about 8 weeks off no matter what, though."
  • "Zink magazine has summer Fridays. It's so civilized..."
  • "Oxygen has summer fridays, albeit with a catch. We are allowed out at 1PM from mid-June until Labor Day, but during that time period, they ratchet up the arrival time by 30 mins. for the other 4 days of the week, so we're not really netting any "time off." Still, we can't complain since it's absolutely lovely to get out of work at 1PM on a Friday."
  • "Viacom has them, and so does Hachette Filipacchi."
  • "For the most part, the larger advertising agencies have some sort of Summer Friday policy in place. Their exact policies vary - my agency offers a 1 on, 1 off schedule, some offer a bank of free vacation days between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and a lot of the smaller boutique shops will close early on Fridays. It's the one saving grace when you get a whopping 2 weeks of vacation after 3 years of service. Of course, almost every Summer Friday policy in advertising comes with a huge caveat: "client work comes first." In other words, if you work with alcoholics, you'll be on the beach by 3pm on Friday. If you work with workaholics, you'll be in the office on Friday till the bitter end. If you work with alcoholic workaholics, you'll sit in your cube disgusted while they take a nip from their secret stash under the desk."
  • "Disney Publishing Worldwide, baby. Though only the NYC office—Glendale, Paris, Milan, and London work the whooole week through."
  • "I work at the Estee Lauder Companies. Officially, we are supposed to get up to six Fridays that we can leave at 1:00 PM. You have to make up the time during the week by skipping lunch or coming in early. The office also closes at 4:00 PM on Fridays Memorial Day through Labor Day. So every Friday you are either a 1:00 or a 4:00 at the worst. What your personal schedule allows is another issue. The policy is pretty good, though."
  • "Penguin Group gets summer Fridays. I got them at my old job too, at HarperCollins."
  • "Pfizer goes way beyond summer Fridays—they actually call it a "Pfriday schedule" and it coincides with daylight savings: so for almost 7 months of the year, good luck trying to reach anyone at Headquarters after 1pm."
  • " of course. Out at 4pm"
  • "Umm...Nature has summer Fridays! Am I shouting into a well, or is Nature too nerdy a publication? Maybe it needs to be quotable..."Nature Magazine has summer Fridays!" I thought librarians were the new hotness (according to the NYT) and all of our customers are what gives? No shout out on the summer Fridays list?"
  • "Bumble and bumble has summer Fridays; the office closes at 4pm, plus we get to leave at 1pm on 6 Fridays of our choosing throughout the summer."
  • "We all get summer Fridays at Wenner Media—Out at 1!"
  • "I work at a Reader's Digest title, and the Manhattan offices get summer fridays. We get to choose to either take a half day every friday from Memorial day to Labor day, or take every other friday off. Of course then you miss the 5:00 in-office happy hours on fridays....."
  • "This goes well with your 1955 theory: Lord & Taylor has them."
  • "MTV Networks has 'em." [Ed. Note: This is us refraining from making comment on the wisdom of summer Fridays in a company that just laid off a huge chunk of workforce (and returned another chunk as "permalancers," gag.)]
  • "Conde gets summer Fridays!"
  • "Not that you need more of these to cheer you up, but Nielsen (I work at Billboard) gets summer Fridays, off at 3pm. But lots of peeps, at least in editorial, usually don't take them."
  • "Oxford University Press gets summer Fridays—every other Friday off or you can take all half days. Not that any of us can afford a place in the Hamptons, but we're thinking of you while we're drinking in Prospect Park."

    Gee, thanks.

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