That the Whole Foods on the Bowery is the most poppin' pick-up spot for the young, wealthy and healthy has been agreed since the very day that store opened in late March. Already we're entering into the second trimester of Whole Foods Bowery-conceived babies—foeti with names like Kale and Geoduck. In today's Sun Annie Karni notes the smooth moves of the fellas.

I noticed this man come up to me when I was standing in line," a tall, blonde, 22-year-old student who lives in NoLIta, Marya Spence, said. "He opened the door for me as I was leaving and asked me, 'Is this the exit for the beautiful girls?' He was maybe 40, so it just wasn't a match."


But perhaps these lovelorn are looking in the wrong Whole Foods. Our recommendation is Union Square.

From a Craigslist's post headlined Whole Foods Goddess:

You know who you are... The shiny, fit, toned, stunningly beautiful lady who after a refreshing yoga session is innocently perusing the isles of the Union Square Whole Foods. You are drop dead gorgeous and know it yet you are too classy to not be at least slightly embarrassed if someone brought it to your attention.

Yeah I know, how dare I request an audience with a golden goddess? The arrogance! Guilty as charged. I do have a high opinion of myself and would like a "goddess" to my "god" (isn't it the ideal?). In my defense though watching an endless parade of cover-girl "beauties" walk hand in hand with Shrek, Napoleon Dynamite, and Broke Back Dude #12 is really starting to break my heart.

That being said I am not superficial and really do appreciate the holistic connection between inner and outer beauty.

Truthfully, I am not really looking for anything romantic (but I am not ruling out romance either). It would just be nice to roll to a park or a museum with a goddess and just chill and enjoy the energy of two beautiful people hanging out.

Obviously my premise is that looks are important and crucial to even platonic chemistry. I included pics and you can see more of me at: There are no indescent images and it's basically a shoot I did and posted for a model scout (I actually smile in some shots).

Basic info:6'3" slim and very fit and health conscious.

Born in Trinidad raised in NYC, reside in Queens, am a museum exhibiting fine artist, published children's book author and illustrator, theatrically screened filmaker and sometimes model.

Unfortunately I am not "paid" and work a day job. It seems privilege, mediocrity, and crime are the main ways to make money but I do feel that when one is consistently successful and accomplished that financial fortune is assured.

Anyhow, if anyone does respond please include recent pics that clearly show what your face and body look like presently (it's only fair).

And so I cast my message in a bottle out to the sea...

Now compared to Craigslist posts for the Whole Foods Bowery—see Straight Looking For Quick BJ—and it seems clear the higher quality meat is to be met in Union Square.