Last week, we posted a memo that the Times sent around to staff outlining its latest diversity initiatives, including the establishment of a "Diversity Advisory Council." Note, however, that diversity at the Times, for all intents and purposes, means racial and gender diversity; even though there are a bunch of "affinity groups" where gays, lesbians, and whoever else can have a kaffeeklatsch, the gays aren't ever included in the diversity calculations. (God forbid the liberals should count the gays like they do the blacks!) Which makes the email we got after we posted the item all the more fascinating.

"Interested in what this is all about? A masthead editor called one of their subjects a faggot at the going away party. An investigation is going on now. Somebody may lose their masthead position and possibly their job."

We've done a little digging and have heard nothing more. Any idea what the story is? (And do the Times staff throw the word "faggot" around their office the same way we do? Heh. Because, well....) Anyway, please do let us know.