Once upon a time, famous benefit-thrower Denise Rich held court at Swan's Way in Southampton. She bought the 11-bedroom two-building compound in 1999, and in 2004, rented it out for a short season to Anna Anisimova for $550K. (The poor "Russian socialite" later planned to flee New York for California, and we haven't hardly heard from her since—except this spring, when she accidentally flashed her business on a red carpet.) Swan's Way was to go on the market that year for $23 million—it went for a bit north of $20 million, to real estate baron and Woolworth building owner Steven Witkoff. (He keeps a very low profile and never flashes his ladyparts on the carpet.) And now the circle is completed. Denise Rich, says Page Six today, has returned to Southampton—as a renter. At a cost of $350,000 for a month.

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