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In today's episode David and Victoria Beckham; Dustin Hoffman, James L. Brooks, and Amanda Peet; Keannu Reeves and Claire Forlani; Britney Spears; Julian McMahon and Adam Levine; Seth Rogen; Jason Schwartzman; Jason Lee; Derek Fisher; Richard Chamberlain; Andy Richter; Marcia Cross; Jason Biggs; Sandra Oh; Ron Jeremy; Chris Noth; Kenneth "Babyface" Edmunds, Tom Arnold, Dax Shepherd, Josh Randall; and Shirley Manson.

· Front & Center (Thurs 7/12) at the waaayyy warped "freedom of the press" on display as David & Victoria Beckham arrived via British Airways to the third world enclave that is the Arrivals Hall at Tom Bradley International Terminal (Terminal B) LAX. She - surprisingly demure and cordial / He - surprisingly SKINNY, but yeah a nice looking couple with 3 kids...however, WHAT is their allure? Very strange...considering our soccer stadium is in Carson , CA ...Compton adjacent...?? and they are "famous" because of his soccer playing...?? Mummy & Daddy were prepped and escorted out a side exit, whereby the children could exit the front doors to their waiting vehicles without the glare of the PIGNORANT PAPARAZZI!! (I mean there are COFFINS coming into airports back east carrying REAL HEROES...and the paps / press salivate over a "Victoria Beckham" or a "Paris Hilton". Strange. Very strange.)

· Thursday Night 7/12: Osteria Mozza:
Investor Dinner:
-Amanda Peet w/ husband & asst. friends.
Dustin Hoffman w/ his kids.
-Producer/Director James L. Brooks.
All there for the 8:30 PM seating & FREE Dinner , incl. wine, before
they opened to the public on Friday.
All looked happy & ate alot (of free food & wine)!

· Saturday July 14, Arclight Theaters. We wre there for a 5:10 showing of Transformers. Definitely not there for a 5:10 showing of Transformers, Claire Forlani and Keanu Reeves. I actually only saw Claire Forlani who is gorgeous and skinny but not scary skinny. When I don't have my glasses on people's faces are blurry so I tend to stare if I think I recognize someone, so I was staring at her and quickly looked away when I realized I only knew her because she was famous. Thus I did not see Keanu, but my sister told me after that is who she was with.—Says sister, "He looks really good...really, really good."

· Fri 7/14 - Ritual
Got a tip from a friend that Britney Spears was there and sure enough . . . I wandered over to the VIP area in time to see a couple huge security guys escort her straight to the back bathroom. No sighting of the new tiny dog.

Sat 7/15 - Roosevelt Hotel Pool
Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck) walked through the pool area in a suit looking way good.
Later, Adam Levine - SO skinny - came through with a few people. He has a little flock of seagulls haircut but otherwise cute.

· 7-15-07, around 3:45PM Insomnia coffeehouse on Beverly. As a dozen or so of us wanna-be screenwriters spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon plunked in front of our laptops, Seth Rogen and his girlfriend wander in. No one seems to take any notice. Seth was wearing sunglasses, dressed like every other semi-chubby hipster guy in L.A.. His girlfriend was cute in a non-actressy way. I wasn't 100% sure it was him until I heard his distinctive Canuck voice. He and his girl got their drinks then skedaddled out before anyone could pitch him their scripts. Once he was gone, everyone whispered to each other verifying that we'd all just been in the presence of Apatow's Annoited One.

· 7-15 In line at the Egyptian for a documentary on Harry Nilsson, as part of their Mods and Rockers series, I saw Jason Schwartzman, picking up his tickets right next to me. He was looking good, with his usual 7-day stubble. I really had no idea he was that short, though. Had a perfectly cute, but average looking girl with him.

· Monday jul 16th — Jason Lee decked out in "My Name is Earl" plaid-ness yet again. He was with a small group of friends..didn't recognize any of the others. They were at Rooney's CD release party at the Roxy, checking out Jason Schwartzman's musical project Coconut Records, who opened up. (His baby brother Robert is Rooney's lead singer and was in The Princess Diaries and The Virgin Suicides). Jason (Lee) and his gang were very amused when Jason (Schwartzman) sang a song with just an iPod and requested that the venue turn off all the lights so he could dance with a flashlight. It was pretty damn awesome.

· I saw ex-now-future Laker Derek Fisher at Saks in Beverly Hills today (7/13). I almost pooped myself. I mean, D. Fish, Mr. .04 himself was at the counter buying some ties. I even think one was in Purple and Gold. Bonus, I got a Dolce & Gabbana suit half off! I still think Kobe is going to leave...

· 7/14 & 7/15 - I don't know if you kids will appreciate this but... I saw Richard Chamberlain (Dr. Kildare, Thorn Birds, Nip/Tuck and he was the original Jason Bourne!) shopping for electronics at Century City on Saturday afternoon. Early Sunday morning, I spotted a solo and sans suspenders Larry King (watch him voice a bee version of himself in Bee Movie this fall!) strolling down Rodeo and heading into his fave place to nosh - Nate 'n Al's.

· While dining at delightful eastside bistro Blair's (7-16), caught a flash of Andy Richter, star of tragically short lived shows Andy Richter Controls the Universe and Andy Barker, PI, entering the "new" dining room. He was by me so quickly that I couldn't see what he was wearing or who he was with, but I would know that former Conan sidekick anywhere. I did not at any time consider shouting a quote from one of his sitcoms at him as he passed, as is the custom of my fellow privacywatchers.

· I saw Marcia Cross shopping in the Pacific Palasades July 12. I wish I could tell you which store, but I only remember that it was overpriced and the sales ladies gave me dirty looks as I touched their wares with my jam hands.

· @ Beverly Hills Benihana on 7/16 for a cooking show with the same 5 tricks for the last 30 years. Spotted Rebecca De Mornay with a bunch of children. She seemed out of it (exactly like I am after John From Cincinnati), She was nursing a couple of martinis and correcting her children's posture. She didn't seem to mind when her kids disappeared for 10 minutes while she toyed with her cellphone.

· Jason Biggs at All'Angelo on Melrose tonight (Sat. 7/14) with three people. Six or seven years ago the would've been an, er, bigger sighting than it is now, unless he's had some major recent career achievements I've missed out on.

· Tuesday, July 10 (a bit late, sorry): Saw Ron Jeremy with a much younger, dark-haired female companion at the Hollywood Bowl. Was a bit surprised, as it was classical music night, but I guess he likes Tchaikovsky, too.

Saturday, July 14: Saw Sandra Oh and assorted friends (and probable boyfriend) at the Hotel Cafe. She is very tiny in person — I am 5' 4" and was towering over her as she brushed past me.

· On Wednesday night I was drinking a Corona at the Cheetah, trying to estimate how many outfits each of the girls had, when suddenly, the sky parted angels sang hymns, and a hedgehog walked in. Yes, Ron Jeremy himself walked in. The giant sucking sound was the sound of every girl in the place running to meet him. I had hoped he was there to guest star in a floor show but it wasn't to be. Oh well. Mercedes was good for two songs.

· I had a "this dude looks way too much like Chris Noth not to be Chris Noth" sighting at the Peets at Sunset and Larabee today (7-16). I do have to say that the man is looking pretty good for his 50-some-odd years. He should definitely keep the beard.

· Saturday night, July 14th @ Arclight: Producer extraordinaire Kenneth "Babyface" Edmunds leaving one of the upper movie screens with his wife. Then inside the 4:45 Rescue Dawn showing, Dax Shepherd and Tom Arnold together, and Josh Randall (he was in the NBC TV show "Ed". I think he was the doctor).

· Saturday 7/14 — after 7 pm... my friend and I had just bought a ticket at the Arclight Cinemas. We walked north on Vine towards Kabuki's for a pre-movie dinner .... And right outside Borders Books, we pass 4 people heading south. I noticed the Redhead with the wild eye make-up - just as my friend said "Thats Shirley Manson of Garbage". I did not see where she had been or where she was going. Last I saw her and the three people she was with, they were crossing Sunset Blvd.