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Earlier today, we noted Page Six's item on how Laugh Factory regular Jon Lovitz, Hollywood's unlikliest comedy vigilante, exacted vengeance upon renegade exhibitionist Andy Dick for placing Lovitz under a highly inappropriate "Phil Hartman death-hex." Shortly after the story circulated, Lovitz appeared on SNL buddy Dennis Miller's radio show to explain the events that precipitated this now-famous beatdown; while most of the details were reported by Page Six, there's nothing like hearing the man himself marvel at the discovery of his previously untapped powers of destruction:

"I realized, ooh, 'here's my chance,' so I pulled him back by the shirt and I then I just pushed him almost as hard as I could, really hard, and, you know, I smashed his back and his head into the bar and I just lost it. And then I kept doing it...I would've kept going...and when I did it the second time it was really hard and he went [untranscribable sound of unmanly anguish]." The full audio can be found here for those eager to hear a retelling liberally sprinkled with plugs for his weekly Laugh Factory showcase, where you can presumably witness a new act of comic-on-comic violence each Wednesday night.