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A woman with a boa and a dream and a bad laugh has emerged from the hubbub of the internet triumphant. "The kids at Gawker are going to go crazy tomorrow," predicted LA Observed last night. Well, yes. We are. Like, we might have to be put in protective custody. For Mediabistro, everyone's favorite amalgamation of freelancer message boards and half-hearted blogs, which gets 50,000 unique visitors a month, has been acquired for $23 million by Jupitermedia. (That's $38 for each person who came to their website last year!) We don't know what to say except: Wow. Holy hell, wow. There's something really wrong with the economy. I guess we have to say congratulations to Laurel. It seems like if we had any brains at all we would have done that ourselves.

Web Site for Job Seekers Is Sold [NYT]