Biking by Whole Foods Bowery last night around ten, we were stunned to see a long line of Asians huddled up against that glassy monolithic building. "What?" we thought. "Does this have anything to do with Whole Foods being a pick-up spot? Are New Yorkers this lonely?" Not exactly. The assembled group was camped out in anticipation of this morning's Anya Hindmarch's designer bag sale. The limited edition totes, as Marian Burros notes in today's Times, read "I am not a Plastic Bag" and go for $15 a pop. This morning at 8:30, a tipster reported the line stretching even farther down the block to Chrystie and Stanton. "Yup, still all Asian," he confirmed. Why do Asians love environmentally sustainable shopping bags so much? One early early adopter who had been there since 6 P.M. last night revealed the answer: "I'm going to sell it on eBay!"

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