A slew of BBQ joints are opening up presently and, within this trend is a smaller trendlet. That trendlet is "Guys who look like Justin Timberlake opening BBQ joints, at least one of whom is Justin Timberlake." Look for it in the Sunday Styles soon enough. The most visible example of this trend is Justin Timberlake, former Spear and Diaz flame who is opening Southern Hospitality BBQ tomorrow night (friends and family tonight). But the second instance that really cements the veracity of the trend is Alan Natkiel, a New England-born Georgia-raised grill master who will open Georgia's Eastside BBQ at 192 Orchard Street tomorrow as well. The two are blatantly in competition with each other and the only way to settle it, that we can see anyway, is a nude grill-off. Ooh, hot, steamy, singed nubbins!