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Our Wednesday morning survey of Hollywood loneliness shifts from love-starved starlets to superannuated talent agents who will soon find themselves back on the market once their messy divorces are finalized. Today's Page Six evaluates Ed Limato's prospects for post-ICM happiness, noting that any agency courtship might be hampered by the fact that the septuagenarian won't be a cheap date:

ED Limato, 71, may have a hard time finding a new job after being unceremoniously demoted at ICM. The ill-tempered agent had talks with CAA, which covets his clients Richard Gere, Denzel Washington and Mel Gibson - but CAA doesn't want to pay Limato's $5 million salary or hire all his staff, including two script readers, sources say.

The Endeavor agency won't employ Limato either, because after Gibson's infamous anti-Semitic drunken-driving rant last year, Endeavor head Ari Emanuel called for a Hollywood boycott of the star. "Even if Ari and Ed iron out their differences, Mel won't go to Endeavor, and he is Ed's biggest client," one insider said. Maybe United Talent is interested, but it probably won't want to pay the $1 million cost (as ICM did) for Limato's geriatric pre-Oscar party. "No one came anymore, and it always turned out to be just a personal party for him and his friends," our insider said.

Surely someone will be willing to take a chance on love with Limato, especially if it means bringing life-partner Mel Gibson into the relationship as well. Either footing the bill for a seniors-only pre-Oscar party or absorbing an elderly guest list for one's formerly competing affair seems like a small price to pay for the possibility that Gibson still has a highly lucrative Lethal Weapon or Passion of the Christ sequel in him.