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Here's what's new on the Valleywag Calendar:

  • Wikipedia founder Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales (pictured, above) speaks to San Francisco's Commonwealth Club tonight at 6 p.m., on "the accuracy of Wiki posts" and Internet politics. [Commonwealth Club]
  • Schmoozefest Stirr presents Founder's Hacks, its cutesy term for entrepreneurial tips and tricks. Ted Rheingold of Dogster, David Marks from Loomia, PBWiki's David Weekly, and Riya CEO (and offshoring opponent) Munjal Shah share the lessons they learned while beginning their companies. It's at Trader Vic's in Palo Alto, on the El Camino Real. This code for Valleywag readers will get you a $10 discount on your ticket: fhkrowt3n [STIRR]. (We hope that "fhk" is short for "Founder Hacks.")
  • It's earnings call season! Yahoo kicked us off yesterday, eBay's call just wrapped up, and tomorrow is a big day for finance geeks as Dow Jones, Google, and Microsoft all release their figures.

(Photo by chrys)