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Why does eBay subsidiary Skype have a Swedish military transport in its Estonian development center? Could it be preparing to take the fight for VOIP customers against new competitors like Ooma to a new battlefield? Read more.

Valleywag tipster Cyrus Farivar reports from Tallinn, Estonia:

This van belongs to Linnar Viik, father of the Estonian Internet. He now works at Skype. Turns out, he also loves windsurfing, and apparently needed a vehicle big enough to carry his and his buddies' windsurfing gear to reach the best spots. So what did he do? He bought a big, fuck-off SWEDISH MILITARY TRANSPORT vehicle at auction from a colleague who bought it at an auction. Oh, and it has on-board CDMA/Wi-Fi, and power outlets too.

So there you have it. No military plans at present. But Internet-calling upstarts, I'd think twice before you get Viik mad. (Photo by cfarivar)