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Fresh off her triumphant turn as I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry's featured fake-gay-home-wrecking plot device, bodaciously tata'd ingenue Jessica Biel is busily plotting her next career moves. Like fellow B-list fantasy object Jessica Alba, Biel is concerned her looks might be preventing her from winning the kinds of Serious Parts she feels she's ready to tackle. Talking to MTV News, she says she's ready to subject herself to the rigors of the prosthetic uglification process:

"I want to do everything," she confessed. "I always want to try something completely different from what I just did. I would definitely love to take on something that is physically totally different from what I look like and what I'm used to doing, do something like a 'Monster.'"

"It's a dream," she continued. "I have to push myself and try something I've never tried before, put myself out there, be vulnerable and really take a huge risk."

Biel's addition of the indefinite article to the title of the critically acclaimed Charlize Theron film suggests Monster has transcended mere biopicdom, to become something much larger: a symbol of the kinds of premium, lesbian-serial-killer roles that win pretty ladies the highest accolades Hollywood has to offer. Should Biel be lucky enough to score a Monster of her own, hopefully she'll be savvier than to follow it up with "an Æon Flux,"* the de facto term for having squandered one's newly won artistic capital on an ill-chosen post-Oscar career move.

*Sometimes also referred to as "a Catwoman."