It's a big story: In hearings down in D.C., a paper trail proves that FEMA's lawyers actively discouraged an investigation into high amounts of formaldehyde in the trailers provided to Katrina and Rita hurricane victims. Yoinks! But the headlines in the papers today—each composed by a different harried copy desker or late-working editor—all tell a different story. Here's 10 of them, ranked from good to decent and ending in at least two that are utterly laughable—maybe even despicable!

Chicago Tribune: FEMA hid warnings on trailer dangers
Times Picayune: FEMA ducked trailer problems
Seattle Times: FEMA knew about toxic trailers
Los Angeles Times: FEMA suppressed health warnings
Fort Worth Star Telegram: FEMA blasted over trailer hazard
New York Times: FEMA Faulted on Response to Risks in Trailers
Jackson Clarion Ledger: Legislators say FEMA ignored travel trailer chemical woes
CBS News: House Panel Probes Toxic FEMA Trailers
Washington Post: FEMA Slow to Safety Test Toxic Trailers
Time: Did FEMA Ignore Toxic Trailers?

Oh, CBS. Missing the trees for the forest or something, really. But! Congratulations to the folks at Time, who don't know when to not headline with a dumb question—and to the clearly insane copy desk of the Washington Post, for whom the government can obviously do no wrong. Better luck tomorrow!