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From the moment Universal released the trailer for I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry—an edgier Adam Sandler vehicle in which he plays a fireman who comes to realize that his sexual and emotional needs can only be fully satisfied by the bear community—we were confident that the studio had not just a commercial and critical hit on their hands, but a watershed contribution to the Queer cinema canon. Shockingly, the nation's critics have completely missed the movie's point. What follows is a selection of headlines from today's reviews for this deeply misunderstood film, proving, at the very least, that not all of the marriage puns were used up trashing License to Wed:
· Adam Sandler Tops Himself with Chuck & Larry, Alas []
· 'Chuck and Larry' gay, not funny []
· 'Chuck & Larry' will lead you straight to exit []

· Tie the knot? Stupid, offensive 'Chuck and Larry' is more like a noose []
· I Now Pronounce You Not at All Funny []
· Stereotypical and stupid, as usual []
· I now pronounce this movie full of wasted potential []
· But who will get to ride on top of the fire truck? [SF Chronicle]
· 'Chuck and Larry' rates a gong, not wedding bells []
· In lameness and in health []
· Comedy needs a quickie divorce []
· 'Chuck and Larry' suffers from ludicrous plot, loathsome stereotypes []
· 'Chuck and Larry' can't wed hilarity, meaning []
· Tolerance, homophobia make unhappy couple []

And, finally, a rave!:

· 1 of most anti-Christian films of the year []