Bjork And Matthew Barney Have An Extraordinary Boat

  • The Guðmundsdóttir-Barneys anchored their sleek black yacht off Long Island City. Of course. [Page Six]
  • That lady from Last Tango in Paris only cooks with olive oil now, never butter. [Page Six]
  • "We hear [Jane] Pratt stopped by bunny tryouts at Playboy's Sirius morning show Thursday in lingerie and a robe but was told she lacked the requisite tan." Um?? And also, didn't Kate Torgovnick or Karen Catchpole or Esther Haynes write a stunt article about auditioning for Playboy like seven years ago? [R&M, third item]
  • Britney Spears to reveal, err, everything she hasn't yet revealed to OK! [TMZ]