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Cartoon Doll Emporium has an unreleased virtual dress-up doll of TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington. This makes us sad for so many reasons:

  • First, that any nearly-naked version of Arrington might be viewed by Cartoon Doll Emporium's target demographic of "girls ages 6-16."
  • Second, that CDE, by creating this doll, is so plainly hoping to get mentioned in TechCrunch. Subtlety among startups appears to be a lost art.
  • Third, that CDE's dress-up doll version of Arrington underestimates his waist size by a good 10 inches.
  • And fourth, that a supposedly reputable investment bank like Allen & Co. invested in Cartoon Doll Emporium, only to see their money spent on a stunt like this.