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PodTech ombudsman Robert Scoble, in a videoblogger mailing list, on why he makes such a terrible ombudsman: "I'm an executive at a company I have to be a lot more careful about what I say in public because what I say can hurt careers of people you and I both love. We have a whole chapter on how to avoid getting fired and it covers just why I can't tell you everything that's going on behind the scenes with our financing, with mistakes like Lan Bui's photo [which PodTech stole and enlarged], why certain Vloggie statues didn't get mailed out [which PodTech founder John Furrier denied until Valleywag caught him red-handed], and other personnel issues, etc."

Incidentally, PodTech talent Irina Slutsky, often blamed for failures by Scoble and Furrier, was recently fired; maybe she made the mistake of doing her job. (Photo by mil8.)