Car-Chasing Lindsay Lohan Busted With Pants Full Of Cocaine

  • Lindsay Lohan had coke on her in her DUI arrest this morning; she was arrested after cops got reports of her white Denali chasing another car. (Two other people were in her car, by the way,and they were released.) [TMZ, TMZ] [Photo: X17]
  • A tipster tells P6 that Teen Vogue will be the next Condoleeza Nast publication to get its plug pulled, based on the fact that "a bunch of editorial staffers have recently jumped ship, including [editor-in-chief] Amy Astley's assistant, and many more are looking for new jobs." Huh! We hear Amy's assistant quit because she was passed over for a promotion she so totally deserved, but what do we know. Anyway, deathwatch type thing starts now. [Page Six]
  • So Diddy recorded a revenge song about his baby mama Kim Porter? Dude, so gay. [Page Six]
  • Hilary Duff made a 9 year old girl cry. No, not about her body image. [Gatecrasher]