By 9:43 a.m., gossip site TMZ had put up seven Lindsay Lohan DUI arrest posts—the first six were published while she was still in jail, and the seventh was her release from jail. Please note that it's 6:30 in the morning out there. We're predicting 18 TMZ Lohan posts today—definitely a minimum of 15. Our hearts go out to the gossip laborers of the west coast in this time of crisis. Oh wait! In the time it took for us to write this brief paragraph, they've published an eighth item, questioning the utility of her alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet. Next up from TMZ, we think: a post predicting how much jail time she'll be getting. OMG, no, wait! Now there's a ninth item, about how she's not going to do the "Tonight" show tonight, clearly. We raise our prediction to a full 21 posts today—one for each year that Lindsay Lohan will be alive! Oh, look, the LA Times and the NY Times finally got an AP story up!