Last week Page Six somewhat vaingloriously proclaimed that they knew where the latest "celebrity sanctuary" was but, of course they weren't going to tell us if we didn't already know. Well, Richard "Dicky J" Johnson, we already know. As Down By The Hipster relays, the bar is cleverly called Upstairs— and it's in the most unlikely of places.

It's actually housed in Cafe Bari, in the upstairs part of the resto. The place turns into a nightclub a few nights/week. We were clued into the fact that it was the right place because there's graffiti in the back hallway with a big "Upstairs" graff. Then you go in the back door to the restaurant. Who we assume was [promoter] Danny A. was sitting there with some important looking people, looking/acting really pissed, reading the Post, looking at papers, on their blackberries. A couple of times he yelled at the waiters - we're assuming because that's where they think the leak came from.

Why doesn't the hottest promoter in New York have an iPhone? Haha, kidding. B) Is the hottest nightclub right now really in the converted upstairs part of a crappy Italian cafe? C) Where is the next "celebrity sanctuary" going to be—the cafe at the Union Square Barnes and Nobles on Thursdays nights?