Corey Haim Has Seen Better Days

Remember the mid-'80s? Some of us do! And some of us were just at the right age to have a massive crush on Corey Haim. Remember how cute he was in Lucas? And The Lost Boys? And of course, his crowning achievement of the '80s, his star vehicle (sorry) License to Drive, with the other Corey, Corey Feldman, who was a much better actor but like one-sixteenth as hot. (Also! Everyone always forgets that Heather Graham played the hot chick in that movie! Weird!) Anyway, it always pains us to hear that our favorite child stars aren't doing as well as their once-bright futures portended. Today, we received a sighting that seemed to indicate that might be the case.

Not sure if anyone cares, but i saw Corey Haim standing outside the Trump hotel (Columbus Circle) yesterday at around 1pm (in the rain). He had a shirt that said LUCAS in huge letters (under a 1992 black motorcycle jacket) , which is why I noticed him...lookin' rough!!! busted skin, weird frosty hair, and methy skin. I think he was desperately searching the faces of passersby in hopes of recognition, which was pretty sad...I guess should have asked him for an autograph just to make him feel better..or tossed him some pcp...
MAN. That is some SAD STUFF. The Lucas shirt alone should be enough to make Shia LaBouef never leave his house again.