Do you have a camera, editing skills, balls (we speak figuratively, of course, as we're an ovary-positive shop), and a total disregard for either your professional reputation of your personal safety? If you answered affirmatively to most of the items in that list, you may have a place on the Defamer team. We're looking for a video freelancer to handle an exciting array of future projects that involve brazenly sticking your lens in places where it probably doesn't belong. If you're interested, continue on for a list of some requirements and the way to submit yourself for consideration:

Defamer Freelance Video Position:

- Must have basic Final Cut Pro and iMovie skills
- Must be willing to film in locations in which you are unwelcome/forbidden/may be tasered/have personal style insulted
- Must be willing to be up on the latest Hollywood news and gossip
- Must enjoy watching shows like EXTRA, ET, Access Hollywood, and various late night talk shows
- Must have a car/be willing to travel (this is L.A., God help you if you don't have a car.)
- Own video camera/computer/editing softwear a must, doesn't have to be fancy, miniDV camera will do

Typical filming duties will be crashing after parties, working red carpets, doing impromptu interviews with actors, directors, etc. who are unlucky enough to cross your camera-wielding path, and much, much more! Perfect for someone fresh from film/broadcasting school. Please submit a one-liner bio and a link to some of your past work to lavideo[AT] (Important: Do NOT send submission to our regular e-mail addresses, as those resumes will be deleted unread. Thanks.)