Michelle Williams Lives In Brooklyn, Wears An Outfit

  • "According to a frighteningly observant mommy source, [Michelle] Williams was looking very late-60's Mia Farrow with her blond pixie haircut, wearing a striped lavender-and-black baby doll knit jumper and dark Ray-Ban sunglasses, and pushing a pink Maclaren stroller that contained her 21-month-old daughter, Matilda (clad in a simple red cotton dress, diaper and purple Crocs)." What, the observant mommy didn't get a peek at her bra strap to determine the color of her undies? [NYO]
  • Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown has intimated to Essence that her deadbeat baby daddy Eddie Murphy might still have some, you know, tranny hookers in his closet. The Spice alumna are sort of having a moment, aren't they? Except Sporty is probably teaching pilates or something. [R&M]
  • Was Lindsay Lohan chasing a car, or being chased? How many Lindsay posts will TMZ do today? [TMZ]