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We asked, and Kara Swisher of helpfully answered: Om Malik is launching a television show with Revision3, the online-video site cofounded by Digg's Kevin Rose and now run by Jim Louderback, theman who made a well-timed exit from PC magazine. The deal was thinly disguised, since Revision3's PR firm was the one to send out invites for a party Malik's holding tonight to celebrate the deal. The result of the partnership is called "The GigaOm Show," and will cover many of the same personalities who pop up in Malik's GigaOm blog. But now, here's the question that Swisher didn't ask — and should have.

How will NewTeeVee, GigaOm's news site about online video, cover Revision3? "With a disclosure," says Malik matter-of-factly. Well, sure. That's the right thing to do. But NewTeeVee already partners with Metacafe for its Pier Screenings events, and it has a host of prominent sponsors in the field it covers. Om Malik is at heart a journalist, and NewTeeVee's Liz Gannes is a sharp young reporter. But I worry, that with the welterwork of disclosures, disclaimers, and digressions they're going to have to slap on the site, that it will end up either unreadable or untrustworthy.

None of that, of course, makes "The GigaOm Show" anything less than a must-watch. So far Malik has scheduled Rob Glaser of RealNetworks, Bill Watkins of Seagate, and James Hong of HotorNot for on-screen interviews. Malik's a sharp, impatient questioner, which should make for good TV. He'd better hope so, anyway. Otherwise, things are going to get ugly at GigaOm headquarters when Gannes finds herself forced to pan him.