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FROM THE DESK OF MEGAN MCCARTHY — A note to Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the inhumanly hunky main plaintiffs in the ConnectU-Facebook lawsuit. Yes, we are aware that you are identical twins. Smolderingly hot identical twins. Yes, we are aware that, in your quest to be Olympic rowers — lean, athletic, sweaty Olympic rowers, we might add — you are used to wearing team uniforms, cut and colored to make you look like clones. This does not excuse the fact that you wore the exact same navy-blue pinstripe suits to your court hearing yesterday. And the same belts. And the same shoes. Good lord, have you no taste?

You're 25. However smart and entrepreneurial (and smolderingly hot) you are, identical suits make you look like your mom picked out your outfits for this year's Easter parade. And that's a buzzkill for any girl who doesn't write twincest fanfic on LiveJournal. Don't give those girls hope for an endless round of "Twinklevoss" narratives. By all means, make the most of the fact that you both look like a dry John F. Kennedy Jr. and let that be your fashion guide. Wear Izod and Polo and other preppy clothing lll you like. But please make sure you never go out in public wearing the same suit again. (Photo by AP/Charles Krupa)