Bad news for randy college co-eds: Drug companies have stopped selling subsidized contraceptives to universities. Who's at fault? The government, of course!

The change has an unlikely origin: the Deficit Reduction Act signed by President Bush last year. The legislation aimed to pare $39 billion in spending on federal programs, from subsidized student loans to Medicaid. And among the changes was one that, through an arcane set of circumstances, created a disincentive for drug makers to offer school discounts.

You know, when we demanded a pull out, this wasn't what we had in mind. (Hahaha, get it?) Anyway, the article notes that some college women, rather than risk the embarrassment of letting their parents know that they're getting any, are likely to turn to cheaper, less effective methods of birth control. We are so opening up a chain of abortion clinics in major college towns. Except Northampton. Those Smith girls got that all covered.

College Students Face Rising Birth-Control Prices [WSJ]