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Prince Frederic Von Anhalt, best known as a dark horse in the Anna Nicole Smith paternity sweepstakes and the only man who can please a still-insatiable Zsa Zsa Gabor, has found himself the victim of a random act of violence perpetrated by a trio of armed women (or so the notorious publicity-whoring faux-royal says). has the details:

ANHALT says he was robbed Thursday morning by three gun-toting women on a Los Angeles street.

Driving down Bellagio Road off Sunset Boulevard, Von Anhalt tells ET that he was forced off the road by another car carrying three women and robbed at gunpoint.

He also says he was stripped of all his possessions — including the clothes he was wearing — and handcuffed to the steering wheel.

Cops called to the crime scene described the naked and restrained Prince as having been shaken but unharmed, and eager to demonstrate to the authorities an impressive trick involving his ability to operate a car radio dial without the use of his hands. We'll update with more details about this shocking act of random, naked-making violence as they become available.