"Fall," which now begins in late summer, has traditionally been the season when publishers bring out their heavy hitters. For Random House imprint Broadway, this fall's lead title is one of the most exciting they've ever published. It's by "one of America's most beloved television actresses" who "has had roles on (among other shows) 'Melrose Place' and 'According to Jim.'" Yes, we are talking about the debut novel of none other than Courtney Thorne-Smith, who, according to industry insiders, actually wrote the entire thing all by her own self. We don't yet have an advance reader's copy, so the book's description from Amazon will have to be what helps you determine where Thorne-Smith fits on the Paulina Porizkova-Ethan Hawke continuum.

From one of America's most beloved television actresses: A sharply observed, comedic novel about the flipside of fame—and a fresh take on Hollywood in all its outrageous, entertaining glory.

On the outside, Kate Keyes-Morgan seems to have it all: a starring role on the hit television series Generations, a handsome husband who is also her manager, a stick-thin figure, and a career that, after a Kirstie Alley-style slide, is finally back on track. At the age of thirty, Kate knows what it's like to have the tabloids turn on you, and she never wants it to happen again. Thank goodness her husband, Hamilton, is there to manage her every move—even if the strict dieting and morning weigh-ins are becoming more than she can manage.

But when Hamilton leaves her for another actress on Generations, the ruthless diva Sapphire Rose, Kate suddenly finds herself in charge of her own life. Now she must decide whether she's ready to stop playing by the Hollywood rulebook and discover who she really is. With the help of her wise-cracking friend and tough-love hairstylist, Paige, and Michael, a high-powered film agent who secretly dreams of becoming a novelist, Kate begins to question her role in an industry that venerates appearance, money, and fame above all else, and that applies ceaseless pressure on women to always be thinner, younger, and more beautiful, at any cost.

From high fashion to on-set antics to the real-life whispers about celebrities that even the tabloids never tell, Courtney Thorne-Smith depicts the entertainment world as only an insider can. Yet beneath the glamorous facade lies a natural-born writer with a gift for comic timing and shaping memorable characters. If you've ever wanted to experience life in the spotlight or wondered what goes on behind dressing room doors, Outside In is your invitation into the glittering world of Hollywood's biggest stars.

OMG Kate Keyes-Morgan. SHUT UP. NO SHE DID NOT!