Walking through Nolita today, we ran into pervy Vice lensman Terry Richardson, who was waiting somewhat antsily in front of that deli on Prince and Mott. The photographer's t-shirt left his spindly arms exposed and on one of them his elbow was contained in a spider web tattoo. We always thought - and this has been confirmed by some of our friends who have done time - that the spider web tattoo signifies that its bearer has killed someone. Did we miss a memo, or did Richardson totally ice someone we hadn't heard about it? Or is he just seeking gangster credibility through the semiotics of the street? There needs some sort of regulatory body that verifies the criminal records of those carrying the mark of murder. We understand membership in the club implies acts of grave illegality, but even illegal organizations have found ways to enforce general laws (think of the 1957 meeting of all the major crime families in Apalachin). And then it dawned on us, Richardson deserves the tattoo. He killed art.