Whole Foods, the organic food-industrial complex, hasn't been treated too kindly by "new media," especially since recent revelations that CEO John Mackey used the anonymity of the Internet to trash rival Wild Oats. But like a father who's become estranged from his child only to realize the essential tragedy of it all on his deathbed, Whole Foods is reaching out.

Their latest effort to make nice is an event called Dietout taking place July 31st at the Bowery Whole Foods. It celebrates the release of Original Neighborhood Soundtracks. What sounds could possibly encapsulate aurally the neighborhood? A Scissor Sisters/meringue mashup? Or how about a fugue incorporating the drunk enthusiasm of Club 205 smokers, the pretentious patois of the Box customers, the polyrhythmic tattoo of scoops of Whole Foods salad hitting those annoyingly flimsy cardboard containers, and the jangly drone of shopping carts laden with Pirate's Booty and orange juice? It'll be like Stomp but sadder and realer.