FSG just bought a memoir—actually, a "self-portrait"!—by John Waters. That is great, we cannot wait to read it. The purchasing editor was Jonathan Galassi. The selling agent was Bill Clegg from William Morris Agency. You know what else is funny? A while back, we floated this crazy rumor that Clegg and Galassi had become lovers, after Clegg returned from falling off the face of the earth, and after Jonathan had, we presume, done something with his wife! After we ran that item, we had a couple reactions. One: an email saying we were "ruining people's lives"! Aren't we. And then we ran into a literary pal, who told us that, uh, that was no rumor, it was totally true. And that we should have seen the FSG offices after that item went up, you could have heard a pin drop. Mmm, awkward office moments! But what do we know? At the very least, their business relationship is working out nicely. [PW]